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Honda CBR600RR Street Bike


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Honda CBR600RR Street Bike
« on: October 26, 2016, 02:45:23 PM »
I'm street bike shopping and I'm looking for some real world reviews on the CBR600RR Honda street bike. I'm most likely going to buy a used bike so I'd appreciate any info on the older models more than anything.

Here' what Honda writes on their website for the new model:

The Honda CBR600RR is that machine. Proven on the track, it fits like a glove, and is as responsive and instinctive as snapping your fingers. Happy to cut fast laps on a track day, it’s comfortable enough to use as a weekday commuter or a weekend canyon bike.

 The chassis (an aluminum twin-spar design) is the basis of the CBR600RR’s laser-sharp handling. Brakes? You can choose between its conventional triple-disc setup or opt for a special version with Honda’s revolutionary Combined Anti-Lock Braking System (C-ABS), the first ever on a production Supersport motorcycle. The CBR600RR’s Combined Anti-Lock Braking System (C-ABS) is the first of its kind on a Supersport machine.

Let me know what you guys think on these bikes.

  • Is the CBR600RR Reliable?
  • Is the CBR600RR Seat Comfortable?
  • Is the CBR600RR Loud?
  • How's the CBR600RR Suspension?
  • Is the CBR600RR Headlight Bright?
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