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Kawasaki Industry News - migsy - 04-23-2017


Kawasaki’s standard model 2017 Ninja H2 sport-bike has been refined with a high-grade model aimed squarely at discerning customers looking for something a little more exclusive.

Simply known as the Ninja H2 Carbon, this limited-edition model is an enhanced version of the original. It features a carbon-fiber upper cowl resembling that of the Ninja H2R motorcycle, special mirror-finish paint, and a serial number plate. A limited run of 120 units will be produced globally, with only six available to the U.S. market.

Here's a great way to invest you money if you're a Kawasaki street bike fan. The limited run should make this one heck of a collectible in twenty years, between now and then however, you've got an awesome bike to ride.

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