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Honda Industry News
(04-23-2017, 05:15 AM)migsy Wrote:
Honda Idle Stop

Quote:1. What is the Idling Stop System?

Normally, once you start an engine, it continues to consume fuel until you switch it off. In other words, it burns gas unnecessarily at traffic lights and other brief stops.

The Idling Stop System automatically switches the engine off at traffic lights and other brief stops, eliminating wasteful fuel consumption.

When the Idling Stop System is switched on, it automatically turns the engine off and on for you when you stop and start up. This results in a fuel saving of approximately 7%, compared to when the system is not in operation (according to Honda testing using ECE R40 mode).

2. All the rider needs to do is drive normally

All you need to do is switch to Idling Stop mode.
The engine automatically turns off at traffic signals and other brief stops1. When you’re ready to go, just turn the throttle grip and it starts up again instantly.

However, the engine coolant temperature must be over 60˚C for system to operate.

3. The AC generator-equipped Idling Stop System features quiet starts

Honda developed an ACG (AC generator) starter-type Idling Stop System for the PCX—a first for a 125cc-class motorcycle and scooter*—in order to deliver comfortable operation even as Idling Stop is put to work frequently in city driving.

I got this explanation from the Honda global website. This Idle stopping system is awesome and I would love to see it rolled out on more models. Hopefully Honda will run with it.

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Honda idle stop should be put on every one of their street bikes as soon as it is proven out. I think it has a future on Honda ATV's also. Honda ATV idle stop would reduce emissions, save fuel when you're off road, and cut down on unnecessary noise out in nature. I'm looking forward to seeing idle stop in action because I still haven't actually witnessed someone riding a machine with the idle stop feature out in public.

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