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The Meaning of BTAQ
What does BTAQ stand for?
(or shall I say: What does BTAQ mean?)

It is the acronym for Bikes Trikes and Quads.

The bikes-trikes-and-quads.com website went live back in 2001; when George W Bush was president and the MTV reality show "The Osbournes" was just taking off.

This website has continually provided an environment for powersports enthusiasts to post free classifieds for both machines and parts as well as photos of their bikes, trikes, and quads.

The launch of a new system symbolizes the commitment to moving forward as web technology keeps changing. The website has, and will, remain a free service to those who wish to use the resources here. The meaning of BTAQ hasn't changed one bit...


[Image: btaq-acronym.jpg]

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